12 ¼” V616PG2XU NL well L10-39 Zeigler for Engie E & P.

Bit Application
This Varel 12 ¼” V616PG2XU serial 6015509 was run on a Baker Autotrack BHA to drill the 12 1/4" casing shoe and build from 39 to 57
degrees inclination. The bit drilled a superb 2981 meters at an average controlled ROP of 22.6 m/hr to TD in two runs.
Geological Formations and Lithology Zechstein, Anhydrite.

Advanced Bit Technology
U - PDC cutters strategically placed to help reduce hole problems
when up drilling or back reaming.
P - PowerCutters™ provide extra cutter density on the shoulder
reducing excessive wear or cutting structure
damage when drilling interbedded formations.
Bit Hydraulics : 6 x 16, H.S.I = 2.6 - 3.9
Performance Summary
The bit drilled to section TD only being pulled once intermediately
because of pump problems and DP washout.

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