Leader in Down-Hole Circulation Technology.

The PBL tool has proven to be a financially benefical incentive for operators, by substantially reducing loss time and circulating hours.

The PBL Multiple Activation Bypass System is a simple, reliable tool that can assist you in reducing drilling costs with different types of hole conditions.

Originally developed to enable the aggressive pumping of LCM materials and to increase circulating rates, the PBL has evolved to benefit many applications in the drilling,completion and workover phases.

Benefits of DSI PBL
A small selection of the unique features of DSI PBL:

  • suitable for all types of LCM pill pumps, including aggressive pills and cement pinching
  • increases the circulation speeds for better cleaning of the holes, resulting in reduced torque and resistance, increasing the ROP
  • increasing annular speed in very different and horizontal wells where removal of cutting beds and hole cleaning are problematic
  • suitable for fluid movements
  • sub-sea riser / BOP jetting

About DSI

In 1988, Drilling Systems International introduced the first PBL circulation tool. This tool has been developed over the past twenty years into a simple and optimally reliable solution for various drilling problems. The PBL bypass system has proven to be very effective for operators in the most extreme onshore and offshore drilling environments around the world. Visit the DSI website for more information about the current range and product sheets or contact Brandes via 0223 748 900.

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