Mitigating vibrations & slip-stick

Neo-Oil Tools
NeoTork from Neo-Oil Tools is a tool that manages torque generated by the drill bit, as well as mitigating axial and torsional vibrations, protecting critical BHA components.

This simple, unique design automatically controls downhole torque. When torque exceeds a preset limit, the tool contract to reduce the drill bit depth of cut. The excess torque 'stored' in the system is slowly released as the drilling structure drills off.


Advantages of Neo-Tork 

  • Improves drilling performance 
  • Reduced risk of premature failure drill bit or other BHA components
  • Reduced Drilling cost

NeoTork is made up of two sections, assembled as a sole body.

There is a boxed connection in the top section of the tool. A shaft in the lower section of the tool supports the pin connection.  The tool is supplied to site ready to use.

NeoTork from Neo-Oil Tools is available exclusively in Europe via Brandes On & Offshore Agency BV.

About Neo-Oil Tools
Neo-Oil Tools was founded in 2014 to promote the groundbreaking management tool for downhole links. Visit the Neo-Oil Tool website for specific (product) information or contact Brandes via 0223 748 900.

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